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On September 3rd 2014,Ministry of Electric Power (“MOEP”) and Ministry of Environmental Conservation&Forestry (“MOECAF”) has approved the Snowy Mountain Engineering Cooperation in Australia (“SMEC” ) and local consultancies in Myanmar to jointly conduct the EIA/SIA work of Mong Ton Hydropower Project. SMEC has been selected through international bidding and approved by MOEP&MOECAF to start conducting the EIA/SIA work for Mong Ton Hydropower Project with local consultancies from October 2014.
From January 11th to January 30th, 2015, SMEC  held training courses for Myanmar local staff on professional knowledge in terms of immigration, environment investigation and information collection and arrangement.
The first public EIA/SIA scoping meeting for the Upper Thanlwin (Mong Ton) Hydropower Project Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) and Social Impact Assessment (SIA) was held on Tuesday 10th March, 2015 between 2pm-5:30pm at the Taunggyi Hotel, Taunggyi, Shan State, Myanmar. The meeting was attended by a total of 179 participants (136 males and 43 females) of key stakeholders including some community members and some media representatives. The meeting began with a presentation by SMECs technical team which explained the proposed project, the EIA/SIA process and the EIA/SIA area. After attende...
After the first public meeting in Taunggyi,SMEC’s environmental and social studies will complete in the potentially affected townships of Hsihseng and Pekon in Taunggyi district, so they held an EIA/SIA survey training to the local staff for one week in SMEC’s office in Taunggyi before starting. They plan to finish the EIA/SIA survey work in this district within two weeks.
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